Snap it was established in 2015 as affordable manufacturing solution for designers and creative peoples

We believe that everyone should have flexible and local access to manufacturing techniques. This will, change the creative process, speeds up development times and increase local production. The creatives industry is becoming increasingly important within Medan and Indonesia. We are here to facilitate the designers and creative of Medan so they can do what they do best.

We are a company registered and based in Indonesia. We believed in making and customizing products to suit the needs of every individual or company.

Our Goal is being the right for makers, hobbyist, designers, artists, engineers etc in need of services such as laser cutting / engraving structures and engineering projects. We cater to all scales of projects, from small individual projects to large quantity orders.

Our vision is to reinvent engineering and make it accessible to anyone who wish to create. Not only we are just fabricators, we care abour the design aspects in project as well. We also specialize in providing professional laser cutting, engraving / laser marking services.